CIPD Level 3

Kick-start your HR career with confidence

Your 12 month ‘LIVE-Online’ course is just

Your 12 month 'LIVE-Online' course is just

£1,995+vat including your CIPD Fees!

£1,995+vat including your CIPD Fees!

The next CIPD Level 3 course starts in:


What our CIPD Level 3 course offers

  • 100% LIVE-Online classes – EVERY WEEK!
  • Develop a network of like-minded classmates
  • Route to Foundation CIPD Membership
  • CIPD Bursary – subject to eligibility
  • GUARANTEED PASS* or your money back!
  • A comprehensive foundation in essential HR skills
  • Regular one-to-one coaching for additional support throughout your entire course

What is a CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate?

With a Foundation Certificate in People Practice, you’ll kick-start your career in HR with confidence.

This entry-level qualification is perfect if you’re working in, or looking to find, your first role in the people profession. It’ll provide you with:

  • a solid grounding in people practice
  • the knowledge, skills and behaviours to deliver tasks benefiting your organisation at an operational level
  • the confidence to support positive change for your colleagues and organisation.

Our course is based on the CIPD Profession Map, which sets the international standards for the People Profession so you can be sure that what you learn with us will be practical, relevant, and useful in your everyday work.

*Contigo offers a unique CIPD Qualification GUARANTEE. As long as you attend all classes and submit all assignments when required, we GUARANTEE you will pass or we will refund you 100% of your enrolment fee.

What is a CIPD Level 3 Qualification?

Whilst we were writing some words to explain just how fantastic the benefits of the CIPD Level 3 qualification are, the CIPD created this brochure – You HAVE to read this… it is soooo good!

Why is this course right for you?

Getting CIPD qualified with Contigo is the best way to enhance your CV, progress your career and boost your earning potential. Don’t just take our word for it – The CIPD conducted some independent research which found:

Level 3 Certificate FAQs

The CIPD Foundation Certificate in People Practice is right for you if:
  • You want to build a career in the people profession
  • You’re looking for your first HR role
  • You’re currently working in an entry-level people role such as HR Assistant and want to progress
The Foundation Certificate is designed to give you the practical skills and knowledge you need to get your foot on the ladder, find your first job in HR or stand out from the crowd and progress.

The CIPD Foundation course is designed for people who want to get into the people profession, so you don’t actually need any previous HR experience to study.

In fact, as long as you’re 18+ and can read, write and speak the English language to a good level, we would love you to join us.

Why not come and meet us on one of our virtual meet and greet sessions to ask any other questions you may have? Email lara@contigoassociates.com for details.

Our structured CIPD Foundation Certificate in People Practice course takes less than a year to complete, commencing Tuesday 1st October 2024 and concluding 9th September 2025.

You will study for 3 hours every Tuesday evening from 6pm – 9pm and spend around 3 hours writing up your assignment by the following week.

Contigo is committed to keeping your fees as low as possible and to avoid any hidden extras.

Remember to compare like with like – some ‘Online-only’ courses may offer a lower fee but they will not provide you with the amount of hands-on tutorship that Contigo will and they are likely to make you pay your own CIPD fees.

Our ALL-INCLUSIVE 12 month LIVE-Online programme costs just £1,995+VAT.

If you’re paying for your course yourself, you can spread the cost over 6 months and you won’t pay any extra – we don’t charge interest.

If your employer is paying for your course, simply ask them to write a letter on company headed note paper and send it to lara@contigoassociates.com and she will invoice them for your course fee.

Remember – your Contigo course fee also includes your CIPD Student Membership Fees. No hidden extras! Promise 😊!

If you still have questions, please call us on 0333 533 0503 – we would love to hear from you.

Contigo doesn’t believe in Online courses. We believe education should be more engaging than just sitting in front of a computer, reading and completing online content.


We know from experience that online courses sound great, but they can be quite a lonely affair. Some ‘Online-only’ course providers even offer a handful of virtual workshops to soften the blow – but we do things VERY DIFFERENTLY.

Contigo is a Spanish word and, true to our name, our method of qualification delivery is uniquely engaging. We know many people struggle with ‘online’ courses because they require such discipline to study alone in front of a computer.

So we have changed things up. ‘Contigo means ‘with you’ and that means we will be with you for 3 hours EVERY WEEK to GUARANTEE you pass your qualification – OR YOUR MONEY BACK*

*As long as you attend all the classes and submit the required homework, we GUARANTEE you will pass your CIPD qualification, or we will refund 100% of your course fee.

What’s not to like? You and a group of 10-20 classmates…a weekly evening class from 6pm – 9pm on a Tuesday evening for 12 months. No exams! and a GUARANTEED pass OR YOUR MONEY BACK*!

The CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate is made up of 4 Units that cover the foundation areas of HR:

  • Business, culture and change in context
  • Principles of analytics
  • Core behaviours for people professionals
  • Essentials of people practice

To join our course, you will need to attend a 30 minute meet and greet session where we will share our student handbook which contains a much deeper dive into the course content.

For now – you can download more details on what you’ll learn in this free CIPD brochure:-

8319 Foundation Certificate in People Practice P5

Good News – There are no exams!!!!  Nope, not one!

After each weekly class you attend, you will be invited to write up approximately 500 words (about 1-page of a word-document) by the following week. The content will relate to what you have learned that week.

These 500-word essays will join together to form your assignment for each Unit (on average 7 essays = 1 assignment). There are 4 Units in total spread throughout the year.

You will email each assignment to your Expert HR Tutor and they will arrange for your work to be marked by our assessors and then moderated by the CIPD.

And don’t worry – if you don’t pass an assignment first time, you’ll be able to have up to 2 more attempts, guided by very specific written feedback and advice for how to improve your answer so you pass.

Remember, no other provider in the UK offers a GUARNTEED PASS OR YOUR MONEY BACK*. Contigo is with you

*As long as you attend all the classes and submit the required homework, we GUARANTEE you will pass your CIPD qualification, or we will refund 100% of your course fee.

Yes, you will need to be a CIPD member for the duration of your studies from induction to certification and will need to be a fully paid-up member of the CIPD at the time of completing your qualification in order to be awarded your certificate.

HOWEVER! We have great news for you…

Contigo pays your CIPD Fees for you – for the entire duration of your study!

We also show you how to register with the CIPD as a student member during your induction session so that you can access all their awesome content to help you write your assignments.

Book your FREE 30 min meet & greet session now!

Come and find out more by requesting one of the following dates below or by simply emailing Lara for the relevant Zoom link at lara@contigoassociates.com